Ocean Friendly Gardens

Monthly Ventura OFG meeting on third Tuesday of the month,
next meeting on August 19, 2014 – 6:30 to 7:30 pm
at 872 Front Street, Ventura


Loma Vista School

JULY 19, 8am-4pm: Soft Scape and Mulch work date description: Set pathway borders, sheet mulch landscape areas, sheet and shale swales, install shale in paths and compact, dig fence post holes & set posts,remove nascent weeds. Need lots of workers and wheelbarrows for this date.

AUGUST 16, 8am-4pm: Structures work date description (last date prior to kids returning to school):  Build gabion benches (wire cages filled with stone or brick with solid top), construct fence, construct bridge, remove nascent weeds.

SEPTEMBER 6, 8am-4pm: Planting work date description (kids back in school 08/19, Labor Day is 09/01):  All plants installed, final grooming, remaining structure installations if needed. Prefer lots of children for this date

Dedication Ceremony date TBD.

Ocean Friendly Gardens

Huber Yard May 3 2011

Runoff from residential landscapes affects the quality of our oceans and the quality of our lives. The sediment in water reduces clarity; nutrients increase algae populations and red tides; bacteria close beaches; debris can choke and suffocate aquatic species; and pesticides picked up off a landscape can poison fish consumed by humans — all of which degrade the natural beauty, and our enjoyment, of the ocean.

Anyone with a home or business landscape can help prevent this runoff by turning their space into an Ocean Friendly Garden. OFG gardeners apply “CPR” to yards:

Sign for an OFG describing Conservation, Permeability, and Retention

C – Conservation – Conserve water and nutrients with properly spaced native & climate appropriate plants.

P – Permeability – Allow air and water to percolate downwards. Healthy soil, mulch, and limited hardscape sponge up water.

R – Retention – Retain water in the ground, not in the streets. Direct rain gutters into low areas in the yard & create curb cuts to capture street flow.

Learn more at surfrider.org/ofg or join Ventura County Surfrider’s OFG Facebook Group. Also check out this write-up on the City of Ventura’s website, which includes a link to a world map of reported Ocean Friendly Gardens.

The following is a sample home in Ventura with OFG principles applied. Click here for more info, and here to see it “working” during a recent rain.

Grass removed.med

After the grass was removed

Long.July 2013.med

After applying OFG principles


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