Where does the water you drink come from? Where does the water you surf in come from?

For a summary of what Knowing Your H2O means to surfers, check out this talk by Ventura County’s own Paul Jenkin at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum:

Did you know that most cities in Ventura County get their water from a combination of state and local sources? The City of Ventura is an exception, still drawing its water from the Ventura River watershed.

If you’d like to really Know Your H2O, watch this adorably informative movie:

Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water

or for a more local take on the issue:

Watershed Revolution

an award-winning tale of the Ventura River watershed.

Want to get out in the field and contribute data on our local water quality? Contact Surfrider partner Santa Barbara Channelkeeper to participate in the long-running Stream Team.