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Are you interested in: Educating the public about sustainable landscaping? Getting your hands in the soil? Changing public policy? Then volunteer with us. Also, we have monthly meetings every the 3rd Tuesday 6:30pm at the Surfrider office: 872 Front St., #110, Ventura.

What’s the problem? Urban runoff is the #1 source of ocean pollution. In Ventura, storm drains and farm runoff funnel into the ocean un-treated, polluting our water with motor oil, synthetic fertilizer, and other contaminants during heavy rain. Click here for more info about the causes of pollution.

The solution – home, business and public properties can all help prevent this runoff by turning their space into an Ocean Friendly Garden. OFG gardeners apply “CPR:”Sign for an OFG describing Conservation, Permeability, and Retention

C – Conservation – Conserve water, energy and wildlife habitat by using native and climate appropriate plants, and nutrients with properly spaced native & climate appropriate plants.

P – Permeability – Allow air and water to percolate downwards. Healthy soil, mulch, and limited hardscape sponge up water.

R – Retention – Retain water in the ground, not in the streets. Direct rain gutters into low areas in the yard & create curb cuts to capture street flow.


Click here to see the OFG guidelines (“criteria”), and learn more in general at surfrider.org/ofg

Convert Your Yard

  • Do it yourself – here’s a great design guide created by G3/Green Gardens Group.
  • Materials – coming soon. Contact your city for sources of materials like mulch. In Ventura, you can get it for free at Cornucopia Community Garden.
  • Map of gardens – Check out the map of OFGs here. The map reports include plant lists, designs and more.
  • List of Professionals – if you can’t do it yourself, hire a pro! Those on the list have passed G3/Green Gardens Group’s Core Concepts Workshop exam, which qualifies you to be a watershed evaluator following the OFG criteria.
  • OFG Water-Wise presentation – view slides

Want to learn how to get money for taking out your water-loving lawn?

Check out the City of Ventura’s Water Wi$e incentive program!

Stay Updated On Chapter Activities – join our Facebook Page.

Volunteer – email ofg@ventura.surfrider.org for info on upcoming events.

The following is a sample home in Ventura with OFG principles applied (it’s on the OFG map at 1538 San Nicholas Rd., Ventura, CA 93001). Click here for more info, and here to see the parkway curb cuts “working” during a rainstorm.


Grass removed.med

After the grass was removed

Long.July 2013.med

After applying CPR to garden & parkway (curb cuts and basins)

Click here for landscape design templates that you could adapt to your landscape.

Click here for a video of our most recent curb cut in action!

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