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Beach Cleanups!

COVID-19 UPDATE: All volunteers must also follow Surfrider Covid precautions including social distancing and wearing masks while signing in and while under and around the Surfrider Tent

If you would like to perform a solo beach cleanup, that opportunity is still possible! It is crucial that we still log data to track pollution on our beaches even if it is not in a group setting. Please follow the directions in the guidelines. Questions? Email

Stay tuned to our Instagram and newsletter for further updates. Thank you!

Group Beach Cleanups (We’re Back!)

Surfrider hosts beach cleanups at two locations in Ventura County:

California Street (C-Street), next to the Ventura Pier/Crowne Plaza:

  • Hosted the 4th Saturday of each month, except for September which is Coastal Cleanup Month. In September, we are at this location on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 
  • Look for our blue tent on the promenade between Aloha Steakhouse and the Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • In 2019, 2,624 volunteers picked up 4,410 lbs. of trash including 26,950 cigarette butts

Ormond Beach (4 Locations: end of Perkins Road, end of Arnold Road, Ormond Beach Dunes, and the Ormond Beach Lagoon), Oxnard:

  • Dates are seasonal. These typically occur from October-February to avoid disturbing nesting shorebirds. Learn more about the nesting endangered shorebirds on Ormond Beach here
  • To date, we have remove 47,747 lbs of trash with the help of 774+ volunteers!
    • In 2021 458 volunteers have already removed over 22,000 lbs of trash
    • In 2020, 719 volunteers have come to Ormond and removed over 30,000 lbs of trash 
  • Check out our Coastal Cleanup event at Ormond Beach here

Most of the items collected at beach cleanups are plastic that don’t truly biodegrade. It is important to host cleanups because we want to help protect the coastal wildlife that we love! Below you will find what to wear, our liability waiver form, where to park, and the 2020 scheduled beach cleanups.

For all beach cleanups, please wear:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Masks (if transmission levels are still ranked high in Ventura County and the pre-registration link requires masks)

Please remember to bring your own water and snacks! At the Ormond Beach cleanups, water bottles and small snacks will be provided, but be sure to bring your own if you have dietary restrictions.

All volunteers are welcome to participate, but must sign a liability waiver:

*If you are attending a beach cleanup at California Street/Surfers’ Point, print and sign the pending waiver. 

*If you are attending a beach cleanup at Ormond Beach, print and sign this liability waiver found here

*Pre-­registration is not required unless your group is larger than 25 people.* If you plan on bringing a group larger than 25, please email us with how many people you expect at:

Volunteers under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present at the beginning of the cleanup to sign a liability waiver before the minor can participate. You can download the waiver again, pending. We will provide all supplies, but volunteers are always welcome to bring their own work gloves, trash bag/bucket, and/or reusable water bottle to reduce waste.

Please be prepared to fill out a data card of all the trash you pick up. We need this information to help find solutions for the main sources of trash on our beaches! Check out what we found in 2015 and 2016.Here is some more information about the most common sources of microplastics and plastic pollution, check it out before you go to log your data!

Thank you for your interest in helping keep our beaches clean. Look for the Surfrider tent when you arrive at a beach cleanup to check in!

*If there is weather such as heavy rain or strong winds, we will post any cancellation updates to our Facebook page here.*


March 22th 2021: Ormond Island off Perkins Road – 9AM-­12PM *Sign up limited to 50 people, email or to join

Click Here if you are interested in hosting a private cleanup for your business or group.

September 18, 2021: Coastal Cleanup Day

  1. Ormond Beach in Oxnard at the end of Arnold Road. A level beach with up to ¾ of a mile walk (or as preferred). There is minimal trash here, but its collection is critical to help protect the Snowy Plover nesting area. Sign up here!
  2. Hueneme and South Oxnard coast from 8-12am Meet us @ West Flags on Surfside Dr. led by Coastal Keepers! (See IG post for details)  Sign up here!
  3. Ormond Island in Oxnard at the end of Perkins Road. Best for groups with younger children. Trash is primarily on the street, with some still on the island. Sign up here!
  4. Ormond Beach on the beach and in the dunes. A level beach with up to a 1 mile walk (or as preferred). Trash here is relatively minimal. Sign up here!
  5. California Street/Ventura Promenade by the Crowne Plaza: Beach and promenade with high use from locals and tourists alike. Help us keep this public space clean by picking up wind-blown trash, beach litter, and lots of cigarette butts (pre-registration required). Sign up here!

Email with questions about the Ormond locations or with questions about the Ventura location. Thank you!

October 23, 2021: California Street cleanup 9am-11am

Where to park at California Street – The Surfrider tent and check in is located where California Street meets the Promenade. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has graciously offered free valet parking for volunteers! Please mention Surfrider beach cleanup when you arrive and tip when you leave.

Additional parking is available at the multi-level parking structure, but they charge and we do not validate. There are a couple of free parking options within a short walk. The free parking on Paseo De Playa often fills up quickly, but the free parking off Front Street typically has space, then you can take the walking bridge over the freeway to the promenade.

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