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Ormond Beach Program & Schedule

Our Chapter aims to help the residents of South Oxnard have access to a clean ocean and healthy beaches and we now have excellent momentum to help support this mission.  The Ormond Beach Clean Ups are a prime example of how engaging with the local community and teaming up with environmental partners can cause a paradigm shift in the health of our coastline.  

Upcoming Cleanups:


Email for any questions related to Ormond Beach

  • Dates are seasonal. These typically occur from October-February to avoid disturbing nesting shorebirds. Learn more about the nesting endangered shorebirds on Ormond Beach here
  • To date, we have remove 47,747 lbs of trash with the help of 1,177+ volunteers!
    • 2022 Totals: Stay tuned!
    • 2021 Totals: 458 volunteers removed over 22,000 lbs of trash
    • 2020 Totals: 719 volunteers removed over 30,000 lbs of trash 
  • Check out our Coastal Cleanup event at Ormond Beach here

For all beach cleanups, please wear:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Masks (if transmission levels are still ranked high in Ventura County and the pre-registration link requires masks)

Please remember to bring your own water and snacks! At the Ormond Beach cleanups, water bottles and small snacks will be provided, but be sure to bring your own if you have dietary restrictions.

Restoring the most neglected beach in Ventura County: Surfrider-Style

During the year that everything our community knew came to a screeching halt, the fight to restore Ormond Beach did not.  Nestled between the Port Hueneme Pier and the Point Mugu Navy Base, Ormond Beach is one of the largest and most important open-space wetland projects in California. Home to over 200 migrant bird species, the well-established dunes are also a fragile habitat to 2 endangered nesting shorebirds, the California Least Tern and Western Snowy Plover. Ormond lagoon is home to the endangered Tidewater Goby fish.

From Off Road Racing, to Gangs Wars, and an EPA Superfund Site: The History of Ormond Beach

South Oxnard has been subject to decades of environmental injustice due to the industrialization of the coastline in the late 1900’s. In 1965, a 700,000-cubic-yard slag heap of toxic waste was left behind on top of the remains of an Oxnard City Dump by Halaco Engineering Co.  By 2007 it was abandoned and declared a toxic waste Superfund Site (Full Article)

In 2007, a woman named Nancy Pederson made an attempt to attract people to Ormond Beach. She procured the area at the end of Perkins Road and established the Ormond Pointe Native Plant Nursery. Unfortunately, Rival gangs and homeless moved into the area, forcing Penderson to abandon her project.

The New Generation of Ormond Beach Stewards

It has been 14 years, yet the restoration of the Ormond Beach wetlands still remains to be seen. We have not given up! Thanks to the consistent efforts of organizations like the Friends of Ormond Beach, Ventura Audubon Society, Steven Gama and the Port Hueneme REACH, Coastal Keepers, and an incredible group of local volunteers, Ormond Beach is looking better than it ever has before. 

Surfrider’s Ormond Lagoon Water Quality Monitoring Program

In 2020, our chapter initiated water quality testing in the lagoon at two sites. A preliminary investigation over a seven-week period has indicated that the lagoon water quality consistently exceeds the bacteria standards established for recreational waterways Full report can be read here

On June 9, 2021, representatives from the Surfrider Foundation, Ventura County Environmental Health Division, and the City of Oxnard met to discuss possible locations where permanent warning signs can be posted on Ormond Island and specific locations along Ormond Beach where sampling for the Ocean Water Quality Monitoring Program are conducted. We are delighted that permanent warning signs will be posted on Oct. 4, 2021! 

Beach Cleanups

Thanks to journalist Jayrol San Jose @jayroi and Ben Camacho @bencamach0 for documenting our efforts

With the help of 774 volunteers and former Surfrider Ventura’s Chair Laura Oergel, we removed over 15.2 tons (30,397 lbs) of trash from Ormond Beach in 2020 alone. That was an average of almost 2 tons per cleanup! During 2020, several of these cleanups were made up of 12 people or  fewer due to COVID restrictions but that did not slow our groups down. As one of our volunteers coined, “It’s amazing what a small group of caring people and a few trash bags can do”. To read the article in Surfrider’s 2020 State of the Beach Report, click here and scroll to page 14

Check out our event calendar to see future opportunities. Please sign our waiver prior to signing up for a cleanup.

Grants and Fundraising

What lies ahead for Ormond Beach? Our chapter is stoked to announce that the California Coastal Conservancy and The Nature Conservancy, have been awarded a $1,000,000 National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant  and Surfrider Ventura County has been included to provide beach clean-ups, nonpoint source trash monitoring, and water quality testing in the lagoon.


Check out the press and videos created to learn more about Ormond Beach

Stakeholders and Partners in the Ormond Beach Restoration

As for the continued restoration, The California Coastal Conservancy, the City of Oxnard, the Ventura Audubon Society, the State Coastal Commission (SCC), and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), have been working to develop a restoration and access plan that balances habitat restoration and protection of sensitive plant and animal species with improved and increased public access. The Ormond Beach Restoration and Access Project (OBRAP) is open for public comment and can be viewed here.

On July 31, 2019, the SCC presented a powerpoint of the OBRAP “Preferred Alternative” at the public input meeting. Since then, according to Chris Kroll from the SCC, a consultant has worked on the preferred alternative design and intends to complete the first third (30%) of the design by the end of this month. (Full article) 

Want to Make a Difference?

To volunteer at Ormond Beach, please contact

To support our beach cleanup efforts, including the costs of materials, dumpsters, and more, please consider donating to our chapter using this link. Please be sure to specify in the comment section that you want your donation to go to the Ormond Beach Cleanups program