Ventura County

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator is responsible for organizing logistics for Surfrider Ventura County events, from behind the scenes details to assisting the event lead and other volunteers on the day of the event. An Event Coordinator must have an eagle eye for event planning and logistics, and have at least some experience in event planning, ideally for a diversity of event types.

Key Responsibilities:

Identify upcoming events and create a timeline of tasks.

Where necessary, ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations, including obtaining permits for events.

Ensure that the event is staffed with the necessary volunteers. Use a shareable Google form to keep track of shifts and delegated responsibilities.

Put the event on the website calendar and make a Facebook event.

Knowledge of excel and word, as well as software to create posters a plus.

Updating event documents in the Event Folder in the google drive.

Coordinating tasks of all event team members.

Coordinating events with partners, and ensuring partners as well as sponsors are recognized in marketing materials and social media.

Coordinate with Social Media volunteer to promote and publicize event.

Lead on event day.

Proactively handle potential issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day.

Take pictures at the event and post to social media.

Write thank you notes to the partners and sponsors afterwards if applicable.

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