Imagine catching the wave of a lifetime at one of your favorite spots only to get bounced off by backwash. That’s a rare occurrence at high tide and may become more regular if climate change and sea level rise continue as projected. Additionally, the highest tides of the year, known as King Tides, can cause coastal flooding damage. In response, CSU Channel Islands Coastography Lab and Surfrider Ventura are asking you to surf for science!

We are inviting the public to contribute your observations of surf quality during this winter’s King Tide events through a simple online survey. We are interested in how coastal management and environmental change will be affected by the changing tide levels and by surfing during this winter’s extreme tides. You will be helping as a citizen scientist who monitors surf quality at Ventura’s most popular surf spots such as our beloved Surfers’ Point.

Extreme tide events will be January 10-12 and February 8-9, participation is voluntary and no experience is necessary. Visit to sign up now and join the King Tides Project.