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07 • 03 • 2008

Ventura City Council Adopts Green Street Policy

Recognizing that stormwater is an issue for which the time has come, the Ventura City Council approved a policy for Green Street Elements and Demonstration Project. This policy would effectively follow two of the recommendations made by the Surfrider Foundation in “Solving the Urban Runoff Problem, A Vision for the Urban Watershed, Ventura, California” 1. Develop a green streets program and implement pilot projects 2. Promote and develop incentives for community-based action (i.e. Ocean Friendly Gardens) The Ventura Chapter feels that a 'green streets' strategy is the best way of dealing with the 'concrete jungle' that is impacting the health of our oceans. With this new policy, the city will earmark 20% of the street paving fund to begin incorporating 'Green Street elements' into repaving projects on a citywide basis. The city will also design and construct a pilot project to set the example for expanding throughout the city.