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Ventura waves breaking


From testing our coastal waters to ensuring that runoff stays in your garden to reducing plastic pollution, Surfrider's programs help ensure that our marine ecosystems are protected.

Beach Cleanups

In Ventura, the Beach Cleanup program tackles the Ventura Promenade, Ormond, and the Rincon Parkway. We do this through education for action, citizen science, and campaigns. We are all part of the solution, and together we can restore our coastlines, one beach at a time.

20220917 Surfrider Coastal Cleanup Day-33

Blue Water Task Force

The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF), is the Surfrider Foundation's volunteer-run, water testing, education, and advocacy program. In Ventura, we use this program to alert citizens and officials in their communities about water quality problems and to work toward solutions.

Ocean Friendly Restaurants

The Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants program tackles plastic pollution at its source. One restaurant, one customer at a time, it increases awareness, drives behavior change, and ultimately creates scalable impact to reduce our plastic footprint.

A number of our OFRs.
A group of volunteers digging a new Ocean Friendly Garden

Ocean Friendly Gardens

The Ocean Friendly Gardens program sees landscapes and streets as solutions to water pollution and more.

Respect the Rincon Parkway

A community of all ages focused on the 14-mile parcel of Rincon coastline. Our initiatives include cleaning and protecting the beach for marine life, ecosystems, and recreational users. Help Keep the Rincon Parkway the Queen of the Ventura Coast!

A volunteer pointing out a Hold on to Your Butt ashcan

Hold on to Your Butt

The Hold On To Your Butt (HOTYB) program aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of cigarette butt litter on our oceans, waves and beaches, and to help eliminate cigarette butt litter in Ventura and beyond.

Plastic Free Ventura County

Surfrider Ventura’s “Plastic Free Ventura County” campaign launched on Earth Day in 2018 as a response to the amount of single-use plastic litter that volunteers are collecting at local beach cleanups.

Used single used plastics piled up on the sidewalk