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Water Testing and Notification at Ormond Lagoon

Water Testing and Notification at Ormond Lagoon

The goal of this campaign is for the Ventura County to start water testing at Ormond Lagoon and when necessary, publicly identify the sites where there is risk to human health.

In 2020, the Ventura County Chapter became involved at Ormond Beach by conducting several cleanups on the beach, dunes, island and lagoon shoreline. In the course of our stewardship, we initiated water quality testing in the lagoon at two sites. A preliminary investigation over a seven week period has indicated that the lagoon water quality consistently exceeds the bacteria standards established for recreational waterways. We have seen kayakers in the lagoon and we are asking that all responsible parties become involved and take appropriate action to address our public health concerns.

The Ventura County Environmental Health Division regularly samples in the ocean at the same locations adjacent to the lagoon. The County's results for Nov. 9th and 16th 2020 show J St. recorded higher than normal levels of bacteria. These two weeks were during and after the November King Tide. The Ventura County water quality report from November 23rd 2020 is normal at the J St. test site. Because this waterbody drains to the ocean, through tide surge leaching and seasonal breaching, there is a benefit to the County to have the ongoing monitoring and bacteria source identification at Ormond Lagoon.