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Donate for Ventura
A local business posing at their beach cleanup.


Your business can donate and host a private cleanup that benefits our 501c3 non-profit. Your donation helps fund programs and help to protect the ocean, waves, and beaches.

Donate and clean up the coast in Ventura, Oxnard, or Port Hueneme.


Email Ally at for more info or to set a date with us!

Join Us

Help protect our oceans, waves, and beaches by sponsoring one of our monthly cleanups or hosting your very own!  Sponsoring a cleanup helps establish your company as a good corporate citizen and foster brand loyalty. Cleanups can also be used to encourage employees to be engaged in their community, as well as strengthen employee team building and morale.  Additionally, involvement in Surfrider corporate beach cleanups will enhance the image of your company as a positive contributor to the community and local environment.

Your company’s tax-deductible donation to Surfrider goes directly to supporting our work to make sure our oceans, waves, and beaches are healthy, protected and preserved for generations to come.

Your company can make a positive difference in the community

What We Provide

  • Insurance, permits, waivers, an orientation led by our event host(s), Surfrider tent and table(s).
  • Gloves, bags, buckets, grabbers, data cards, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen.
  • Your cleanup event will be recognized on our social media platforms and will be listed on our website as a clean-up sponsored corporation. We’ll give you a shout out with the total weight of trash collected.
  • Organizers will meet your group at the cleanup site to provide supplies, collect waivers, and dispose of trash afterward. The cleanup will last 2 hours.

Suggested Sponsorship Levels:

$500 - Defender Up to 20 people in your group. Also available as a discount to non-profit organizations, schools and the military. Contact us to see if your organization qualifies!

$1000 – Beach Defender Up to 40 people in your group

$1500 – Coastal Defender Up to 60 people in your group

$2000 – Ocean Defender Up to 80 people in your group

$2500 – Ocean Champion Over 80 people in your group

Optional Add-ons:

  • Surfrider-branded Surfers Point Tees - $25/person
  • Surfrider-branded Stainless Steel Pint – $10/person
  • Surfrider branded Reusable Bamboo Utensil Sets – $12/person

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What beaches can my company do a cleanup at? Surfrider is available to host corporate sponsored cleanups on any beach between Ormond Beach / Lagoon up to the Rincon Parkway. Surfers’ Point / C St. / Ventura Promenade is a popular location for cleanups because it’s easily accessible and unfortunately there is usually plenty of litter to be found.
  2. What dates can we book? Sponsored cleanups typically occur during the weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 9-11am. We recommend cleanups in the morning to avoid afternoon winds.
  3. Can I bring my kids? - Yes! We encourage families and friends to get involved
  4. Can I bring my dog? - At the Ventura Promenade, YES. Dogs are allowed on leash, but please bring extra water and doggy bags
  5. Can our company bring our own tent/snacks/t-shirts? - Yes, you may bring all your own gear. We strongly discourage bringing styrofoam, single use plastics, and all other forms of plastics due to the prevalence of these items at our cleanups. Surfrider is happy to supply lists of local restaurants that use sustainable packaging such as our Ocean Friendly Restaurants