Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! We have some exciting projects we want to share with you. 

A commitment to reducing utensils in the trash

The COVID landscape has hit everyone hard, but it’s been particularly evident how difficult it has been for local businesses. That’s why we stand in solidarity with our Ventura County businesses and support them as much as possible. We specifically want to take the time to show our appreciation to local restaurants. If you do decide to eat out, please choose to eat at a locally-owned restaurant. Let’s make sure resources remain within the community!

We know we’re not alone in noticing a disconcerting rise of single-use plastic utensils being included in restaurant to-go orders. We understand a restaurant’s commitment to maintaining its business, but it can be hard on consumers who care about the environment. 

That’s why we wanted to tell you about these restaurants that have decided to work with us and offer utensils only upon request for to-go food. These fine establishments have continued to maintain their commitment to sustainability. You can see all the restaurants that are now utensils-upon-request below! 

If you’re dining out, please remember to ask for no utensils. Even if a restaurant you visit regularly isn’t on this list, you can do your part by asking them to not include utensils with your to-go order. Or take it one step further and ask them to take the pledge!

Restaurants that have decided to take the utensils-upon-request pledge:

#SpencerMakenzie’s #OjaiRotie #HollywoodBeachCafe #RinconBrewery #TonyPizzaria #HarvestCafe #AlohaSteakhouse #BlueAgave #JimmySlice #MarieShannon #CaskAlehouse #Saloon #NatureGrill #DukesGriddlenGrill #TheMasalaTwist #CoastalGrillMandalayBay #HarborMart #CJsBBQ #SeaFresh #Moqueca #Himalaya #HarvestCafe #AnacapaBrewingCompany #ParadisePantry #BeachHouseFish #BeachHouseTacos #Barrelhouse101 #CafeFiore #Capriccio’s #SocialTap #Palermo #CafeNouveau #GrapesAndHops #RiceThaiCuisine #MasaSushi #LuckyThai #Dukes #CajunKitchen #UrbaneCafeVentura #Margaritaville #SandboxCafe #LePetit #TheGreek

A new campaign to further reduce container waste

With the success of the Utensil To-Go campaign, we decided that we can do more. We are proud to introduce the Ocean-Friendly To-Go campaign! 

This campaign focuses on the customer bringing reusable containers for to-go orders. Once at the restaurant, the to-go order will then be transferred from the restaurant plate to your reusable containers. This eliminates the need for any take-out containers, allowing both the consumer and restaurant to take their sustainability efforts to the next level! 

We look forward to sharing participating restaurants with you soon. Stay tuned! 

Also, please remember to bring your own containers for any leftovers when choosing to dine-in. As restaurants begin to open for dine-in, the opportunity to be a trendsetter begins. Use this as a chance to show the customers around you how they can promote sustainability! And to help local restaurants save a little money by minimizing the quantity of disposables they need to buy. 

Once again, thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the next chapter meeting. Cheers!

If you would like to get involved or know of a restaurant that would be interested in becoming an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, please contact Juan at and visit