In honor of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating individuals and organizations that have inspired women to access and enjoy the place we love the most: the ocean. Together, they are breaking barriers to make our oceans, waves, and beaches accessible to ALL people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background.

Make International Women’s Month the time when you reach out to your local water women, say hello, join them for a surf, or even volunteer at one of their events.

Read on to find a local women’s surfing organization near you, we’ve provided a short bio and contact information for the organizations closest to us here in SoCal. (Keep in mind that this is just a small fraction of all the organizations around the coast that are working to unite women with the water.) Huge shoutout to Textured Waves for creating an amazing Community Page filled with contact information for women’s surf organizations outside of California too.

The Women of Surfrider Ventura:

Top to Bottom: Laura Oergel (Chapter Chair), Megan Oergel (Volunteer Coordinator), Cassie Rogers (Chapter Coordinator), Danielle Rose (Vice Chair and Beach Cleanup Coordinator), Joy Downing Riley (Save the Rincon Parkway Lead), Joan Tharp (Halloween Cleanup Champion and RAP Port Hueneme Lead), Juli Marceil (RAP Ventura Lead), Deby Tygell (Chapter Treasurer), and Christina Pasetta and Baby Kali (Chapter Secretary). Also not pictured is our amazing Blue Water Task Force Lead, April Bender!

First and foremost, thank you to all the women on our team of dedicated coastal defenders! 7/9 Executive Committee places are filled by women, our chapter staff position is held by a woman, and 13/16 of our programs and campaigns are led by women who are incredibly passionate about protecting our local beaches. Round of applause to you all!

Local Women’s Surf Organizations


Instagram: @texturedwaves
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Cofounded by Chelsea Woody, Danielle Black Lyons, and Martina Duran, Textured Waves was created to propagate the culture and sport of women’s surfing towards women of color and underrepresented demographics through representation, community and sisterly camaraderie. They value integrity, inclusion and advocating diversity in the water. Pending COVID-19 precautions, Textured Waves is looking to host a retreat right here in Ventura in September. Check out their events page for more


All Are We means without you there is no me, and without me there is no you. We are all, and all are we.

– All We Are Water Collective
Website :
Instagram @allarewewatercollective
Contact:  Kelly Potts (founder & president) Email:

All Are We Water Collective is a nonprofit offering free surfing programs for girls and women on the island of Maui and for Indigenous ladies in the Pacific Northwest. Through our programs we teach the ways of ocean swells, focusing on awareness, safety, and surfing etiquette. We empower our participants by teaching them how to flow with the ocean – to be like the ocean. We hope the gals who come to our retreats experience what being in the ocean and surfing teaches us: that the great power of nature provides a lifetime of lessons that we can incorporate into our daily lives, and by being in nature we can heal.

All Are We Water Collective hopes to bring equality and inclusivity into the surfing lineup, and we believe that starts by acknowledging the indigenous peoples of the places we live and cherish in the US. 

We are proud to offer these programs for the Makah Tribe in Neah Bay, WA, the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians in Siletz, OR, Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation on the Smith River in Northern California, as well their neighboring tribes Elk Valley Rancheria and Yurok. On Maui we provide retreats for our local wahine. What’s beautiful is seeing the similarities of these Indigenous communities, which we hope to bring together one day for a week of cultural sharing, surfing, and healing. 


Instagram : @groundswellcommunityproject
Facebook @groundswellsd
Contact:  :

We’re a research-based surf therapy nonprofit organizations that has been built and provided a safe resilient community for thos eon their healing journey.

Groundswell offers a variety of surf therapy programs for intersectional communities of women overcoming various forms of trauma and its effects. With our home roots in San Diego, California, and branches that extend across the globe, we are a transformational community of surfsisters who provide intersectional, brave, and safe spaces for all women to find their unique healing, community, and power in the waves of Mother Ocean.

Upcoming Events and Ways to Get Involved:


Instagram: @blackgirlssurf
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Black Girls Surf supports girls/women whose career goals are competing in the professional surfing. Through, the fundraising efforts we have been able to send athletes to compete and train with professionals to ensure that they are prepared. Under BGS, participants will have an opportunity to train with world-class surfing professionals.

Black Girls Surf is the brain-child of USCG veteran (and Surfrider San Mateo Volunteer), Rhonda Harper, who noticed the lack of visibility within professional surfing. As a longtime surfer with aspirations of becoming a professional surfer herself, she understood the need for coaches, mentors and trainers of color. In short, she wanted to become the mentor she needed for surfers around the world.

What seemed impossible in the 1980’s is a reality today.


Facebook: @ChangingTidesFoundation
Instagram: @Changingtidesfoundation
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Founded by a surfing sisterhood, Changing Tides Foundation is a growing community of diverse collaborators with a passion for solving global challenges and creating change. A Women-Led Organization for all people striving to make a difference in the world around them, CTF celebrates diversity & inclusivity.

Changing Tides Foundation was founded in 2016 by 5 SEASTERS that felt called to do more than just take waves. Born from a desire to create a community of people of all genders, shapes, colors and sizes who feel connected to the sea, CTF has grown into a beacon that calls in men and womxn alike and engages us to use our voices to advocate for the planet and all of its inhabitants. 

Our vision is to create a community that connects us all to our humanity, our kindness, our planet, and each other.

Our strategy is to encourage individual action so together we can create collective change for equity, justice and a healthier future.Everyone is welcome at this table of positive change.