The lone howl of a gray wolf hasn’t been heard in the California wilderness for over 80 years. But that is now changing, gray wolves are starting to enter California from packs which are now in Oregon.  Yet the state of California does not have a welcome to California sign out for any gray wolves entering our state. In spite of strong public support for protections for gray wolves under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA), the state Fish and Game Commission has yet to place wolves under CESA protections.
  The commission has given the public 90 days (until July 10th) to comment on the petition to list wolves within California for protection under CESA.
Our coalition of wolf protection organizations has started a campaign to flood the commission with email letters in support of wolf protections.
  Please email the CA Fish and Game Commission ( with your personal letter stating in your own words your support for placing wolves in California under the protection of the CESA.
  We would like to have at least 10,000 email letters into the commission supporting wolf protection by the July 10th deadline.
 Wolves had been an important part of California’s great wild natural heritage until hunted to extinction within our state.Lets welcome wolves back to California’s natural world and give them the protections they deserve.