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2023 Beach Cleanup - Year In Review is out!

Surfrider VC’s Beach Cleanup Programs are collecting data to make a change

Every year, Surfrider Ventura County’s (VC) three distinct Beach Cleanup Programs provide boots-on-the-ground solutions to the trash pollution problem impacting our local beaches. Our strong band of volunteers get their hands dirty at our cleanups, picking up trash before it enters our oceans and waterways.


Volunteers gather for one of Surfrider VC's most frequented cleanup locations, C Street.

Photo credits: Michaela Rabinov

Once removed, our volunteers collect data on what they picked up — cataloging the weight and type of trash they found during the cleanup. This data is incredibly important in helping us push for legislative change at the local, state, and even federal level to put an end to plastic pollution at the source.


Volunteers sort through trash at a Respect the Rincon Parkway Cleanup.

Photo credits: Michaela Rabinov

2023 Beach Cleanup Year In Review

Surfrider VC has put together our inaugural 2023 Beach Cleanup—Year In Review, an annual report where we are able to analyze and visualize the data we collect throughout the year. Unsurprisingly, we found that plastic continues to be the biggest threat to our local beaches and wildlife, with a majority of our items picked up in 2023 falling under the plastic category. However, the strength of our community continued to grow, as we saw a 54% increase in volunteer engagement at our beach cleanups compared to the year prior. With all the new faces, it’s no wonder Surfrider VC was able to make big impacts. 

Read the full report below, and click here for more information on our Beach Cleanup Programs. 


Want to directly support our Beach Cleanup Programs while benefiting the community? Your business can sponsor a private cleanup as a team activity and help protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. Click here for more details or email