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Action Alert! Help to Reduce Plastic Pollution Statewide

Two important plastics reduction bills are making their way through the State legislature in Sacramento. To help make sure they pass, we need you to contact you legislator and let them know that plastic pollution is an important issue to you. Don’t worry, we made it easy!

SB54/AB1080 known as the California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Prevention Act is an unprecedented effort that would set goals to reduce waste from single-use packaging and products and ensure the remaining items are effectively reusable or recycled and composted. These are companion bills that need to pass out of their house of origin this week.

SB54/AB1080 Action Alert to send your local legislators in Sacramento an email:

SB 424 would effectively eliminate single-use filters for tobacco products and require extended producer responsibility (EPR) for e-cigarettes. Made from plastic, cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world and the top item found at Surfrider beach cleanups. This bill passed through the State Senate last week and is currently going through committees in the Assembly.

SB 424 Action Alert to send your local Assemblymember an email:

Please send the action alert email and then click here to locate the phone number for your legislator to also call them urging support for these bills.сервис выдачи займов