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Photo courtesy of Michaela Rabinov


Honoring Environmental Champions

Surfrider Ventura County Awards Ceremony with Salud Carbajal

Awards Ceremony Group Photo Small

Photo courtesy of Michaela Rabinov

In an effort to recognize and celebrate the remarkable dedication and commitment of a few volunteers in the Ventura County Chapter of Surfrider towards protecting our environment, Surfrider Ventura County recently organized a prestigious awards ceremony. Held on June 28, in collaboration with Salud Carbajal, the event served as a platform to honor outstanding volunteers who have made significant contributions to preserving the beautiful beaches and coastline of Ventura County. Among the audience was the Surfrider Ventura family, including Joan Tharp, Danielle Rose, and Juli Marcel, who were acknowledged for their exceptional work in various environmental initiatives. Let's delve into their inspiring stories and the crucial role they played in creating a sustainable and clean community.

Joan Tharp: Beach Cleanup Lead of Ormond Beach

Joan Tharp has been a driving force in leading cleanup efforts at Ormond Beach. Joan has led the Ormond Lagoon program for several years and has been instrumental in establishing relationships with groups in the area. Her tireless dedication has fostered a sense of community and inclusivity among fellow Ventura County volunteers within the Surfrider Foundation. Under her guidance, Ormond Beach has transformed into a shining example of environmental stewardship. Through her passion and leadership, Joan has motivated many individuals to join the cause and take part in beach cleanups, ensuring the preservation of Ormond’s natural habitat for generations to come.

Danielle Rose: Former Beach Cleanup Coordinator

Danielle Rose's tenure as Beach Cleanup Coordinator in Ventura was marked by her dedication and impactful efforts. Spearheading numerous successful cleanups, she raised awareness about the ecological importance of pristine, litter-free beaches. Beyond her role, Danielle actively contributed to Plastic Free Ventura's growth, surveying and promoting eco-friendly practices in local eateries. As Vice Chair, she played a vital role in supporting the city's single-use plastics ban. Her influence extended further, participating in tabling events and sponsoring school cleanups. Additionally, Danielle was instrumental in organizing beach cleanup programs and served as a leader for a three-year term from 2020 to 2022. Despite stepping down in 2023, Danielle's legacy inspires the community to continue her work, ensuring the sustainability of Ventura's beaches and promoting a cleaner, greener future.

Juli Marciel: Plastic Free Ventura and Hold onto your Butt Coordinator

Juli Marciel is a true champion in the fight against plastic pollution. Through her role as Coordinator of Plastic Free Ventura and the Hold onto Your Butt program, Juli has been instrumental in reducing plastic throughout Ventura County. She has tirelessly advocated for policies that aim to reduce single-use plastics, fostering a culture of sustainability and responsibility. Additionally, her efforts to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of cigarette butt pollution have had a profound impact on the cleanliness of Ventura's beaches. Juli’s innovative approach and determination serve as an inspiration to all those seeking to make a lasting difference in the environmental landscape.

Celebrating our Volunteers’ Hard Work

The Surfrider Ventura County Awards Ceremony, held in collaboration with Salud Carbajal, provided a platform to honor the exceptional achievements of environmental champions. Joan Tharp, Danielle Rose, and Juli Marciel have each demonstrated outstanding commitment and passion in their respective roles, leaving an enduring impact on the Ventura County community. Their efforts in leading beach cleanups, promoting sustainability, and fighting against plastic pollution have paved the way for a brighter, cleaner future. As we celebrate their accomplishments, let us be inspired to join their cause, take action, and become stewards of our environment. Together, we can ensure the preservation of our natural treasures for generations to come.