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Community Science with Surfrider: Photopoint Monitoring at Surfers Point Dunes

Have you seen the new photopoint monitoring station in the Surfers' Point Dunes? We are proud to announce the new post has been installed thanks to the help of our co-sponsors Ventura Land Trust and the Ventura High School Rotary Club. Be apart of documenting the long term changes in our shoreline by snapping a photo through the frame, and email it to with the time and date.

Installation team, L to R: Katie Danielles (VLT), Cassie Rogers (Surfrider) and Dan Hulst (VLT)

What is photopoint monitoring you might ask? This community science-led project utilizes a fixed camera mount to allow beachgoers to photograph the shoreline from fixed points (photopoints) in order to systematically capture changes in the vegetation, dune morphology, sea level rise, and beach evolution over time.

Photopoint Monitoring is an effective way to document environmental change over time, thereby providing historical information to aid decision-making by resource managers. Our objective is to document the natural/anthropogenic changes to the shoreline caused by dredging, seasonal changes, and king tides for ongoing research into sea level rise. 

Next time you're walking on the promenade, take a stroll into the dunes at the mouth of the Ventura river to contribute to this long term community science project. For inquires, email Cassie Rogers at info@ventura.surfrider.orgзайм на 2 месяца без процентов на карту без проверок срочно