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Join Surfrider Ventura County for Coastal Cleanup Day 2021!

September 18 marks this year's Coastal Cleanup Day, a statewide event organized by the California Coastal Commission. Back in 2019, over 74,000 volunteers came out and removed 900,000 pounds of trash - and the hope is to put up similar numbers again in 2021! Surfrider VC will be representing the following five locations:

  1. Ormond Beach in Oxnard at the end of Arnold Road. A level beach with up to ¾ of a mile walk (or as preferred). There is minimal trash here, but its collection is critical to help protect the Snowy Plover nesting area. Sign up here!
  2. Hueneme and South Oxnard coast from 8-12am Meet us @ West Flags on Surfside Dr. led by Coastal Keepers! (See IG post for details)  Sign up here!
  3. Ormond Island in Oxnard at the end of Perkins Road. Best for groups with younger children. Trash is primarily on the street, with some still on the island. Sign up here!
  4. Ormond Beach on the beach and in the dunes. A level beach with up to a 1 mile walk (or as preferred). Trash here is relatively minimal. Sign up here!
  5. California Street/Ventura Promenade by the Crowne Plaza: Beach and promenade with high use from locals and tourists alike. Help us keep this public space clean by picking up wind-blown trash, beach litter, and lots of cigarette butts (pre-registration required). Sign up here!

Email with questions about the Ormond locations or with questions about the Ventura location. Thank you!

Chapter Volunteers Needed: Calling all core volunteers! Passionate about the environment? Want to make a difference in your local community? Then you're in luck - because we're looking for someone exactly like you! Surfrider Ventura is currently recruiting new members for our Executive Committee as well as a Volunteer Event Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. Click herefor more details, or email BIPOC and members of the LGBTQ+ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.быстрый займ без отказа с плохой