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Join the 2021/2022 Blue Water Task Force Volunteer Team!

Do you care about clean water and healthy beaches? Have you ever wondered what the water quality is at your favorite beach, and want to add some hands-on skills to your resume? Mark your calendars for Monday, October 25th at 6pm for SurfriderVC's annual Blue Water Task Force Volunteer Training

The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) is the Surfrider Foundation’s volunteer water quality monitoring program. Our chapter, alongside the global network of BWTF labs, use this volunteer water testing program to raise awareness of local pollution problems and to bring together communities to implement solutions.

Our water testing programs measure enterococcus bacteria levels at both marine (ocean) and freshwater beaches and compare them to federal water quality standards established by the EPA to protect public health in recreational waters. Enterococcus bacteria are bacteria that indicate fecal pollution (human or animal waste) and other pathogens that are also found in fecal matter that can make people sick with the stomach flu, rashes, eye and ear infections or worse. The higher the level of the fecal-indicating bacteria enterococcus, the higher the risk of other illness-causing pathogens being present in the water as well.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged: Sign up using this link

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Questions? Email bwtf@ventura.surfrider.orgлучшие займ онлайн