Elections are coming up for your Ventura County Surfrider Chapter Executive Committee!

At tonight’s meeting (October 7), nominations will begin. The election will take place at the next general meeting on Tuesday, November 4.


Any Ventura County Surfrider member who is active in the chapter and has paid their membership fee may be nominated for the Executive Committee by any other chapter member, including themselves. Typically, the nomination must be seconded by another member. If an active member is unable to make it to tonight’s meeting, nominations may also be submitted via email.


Executive Committee members are elected by anonymous ballot on the spot at the November chapter meeting. Prior to ballots being cast, nominees have a few minutes to introduce themselves to those gathered and make a short speech. All Ventura County Surfrider members may cast a vote in this election. Each member may vote for up to the number of vacancies available (in this year’s case, three). The top vote-getters will become part of the Executive Committee starting in the new year.

About the Executive Committee

Briefly, the executive committee (EC) is responsible for the continued function of the chapter. Currently, the Ventura County Chapter has a seven-member EC. In all situations requiring a majority decision except for the chapter elections, only the EC may vote. EC are still volunteers, just like everyone else, so perfection is not expected, but dedication is important. EC members meet separately from the general chapter meeting once a month to discuss chapter business and finances. It is vital that each EC member be able to make it to most of these meetings as well as the chapter general meetings.

The chapter general body elects EC members; it does not elect specific positions. After the election, the new EC members will meet with the current and outgoing EC members to discuss the duties of positions such as Chair, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator to determine (based on interest and time commitment) who will perform those duties in the coming year.

Participating in the Election Process

The easiest way to make your opinion known about the upcoming chapter elections or to ask more questions is to come to the next two general meetings. Information on how to get there is available on the Find Us! page of this website. Feel free to contact a chapter representative for more information.