The June schedule is to have garden areas rototilled and then on Saturday, June 7th have a half-day workday to hand remove the weeds and kikuyu grass.  The following Saturday, June 14th, we will have a heavy equipment day to complete rough grading, place boulders, and to sculpt the two retention basins for rain gardens.  A skip loader is needed to delivery boulders prior to the 14th . Morning refreshments and midday pizza will be provided on both dates.

June 7 tasks:

  • Remove weeds and kikuyu grass from tilled soil (rake clumps out of the soil).
  • Consolidate mulch from pine tree into one pile (shovels & rakes).
  • Remove 1-2 shrubs in the butterfly garden that are closest to the walkway (loppers & handsaw).
  • Install grey concrete border, scalloped side down, around the butterfly garden (shovels & mattock).

June 14 tasks:

  • Complete rough grading (bobcat/mini excavator).
  • Sculpt rain and dry stream gardens (primarily hand dig).
  • Move and set boulders into place (bobcat/mini excavator).
  • Locate existing storm drains/downspouts that are to be directed into the dry stream garden (mini excavator).
  • Locate irrigation stub-outs for hose bibs (hand dig).


Apply CPR – Conservation, Permeability and Retention © – to your garden to revive our watersheds and ocean.

5 Steps – taught at OFG events and described on OFG’s & G3’s websites:

-Evaluate Your Site/Understand Your Potable Water Use
-Encourage a Soil Party to Restore Good Soil
-Create Permeable Surfaces And Retention of Rain Water
-Select Climate-appropriate Plants and Plant With Confidence
-Irrigate Efficiently and Achieve Zero Dry Weather Runoff

Read The OFG Guidelines at www.oceanfriendlygardens.org

Visit an OFG demonstration garden near you by checking on this map: https://oceanfriendlygardens.crowdmap.com/

Plant Information

Check the website of the local Chapter or of the California Native Plant Society Channel Islands Native Plant Society

A great source for water saving plant info is available at http://www.ventura.watersavingplants.com

Put On A Neighborhood Workday – Learning By Doing

Ocean Friendly Gardens start with a host, who can hire a pro to provide all or some the pro services (listed above), plus lead the workday. The host encourages neighbors to get involved, and neighbors then help another house at the next workday. Groups like Surfrider Foundation can put the call out for volunteers. Read about the Garden Assistance Party at www.oceanfriendlygardens.org.

Contact the Ventura County Surfrider Chapter OFG Chair at vcsrf.oceanfriendlygardens@gmail.com for more information.