By: Kasimira Malec

The Surfrider Foundation Ventura County Chapter organized a beach clean up on February 27th at Ormond Beach. This clean up was to clear the beach of trash and debris
in order to prepare for the Snowy Plover nesting season. This event was spearheaded by Cynthia Hartley, a Surfrider volunteer and advocate for the Snowy with chick_SCC

A total of 60 volunteers showed up and participated from 9am–12pm. They worked hard picking up a total of 1.11 tons, which equals up to 2,220 pounds of debris. Within just approximately 4 hours, these 60 volunteers were able to create a healthy environment for the Snowy Plovers toOrmond1 make their nests.

Cynthia Hartley has since followed up with the habitat and found the first nest on March 18th, less than 3 weeks after the cleanup! She tells us, “There are several more now, so the season is off and running! None have hatched yet, but we should have little snowy plover chicks running around in at least a couple weeks.” Through the efforts of hard working volunteers and Cynthia Hartley’s passion for this cause, the Surfrider Foundation was able to create the proper environment for another generation of Snowy Plovers. Thank you to all who came out!Volunteers clean up a particularly littered section of Ormond Beach.