Last week, Surfrider members and The Refill Shoppe employees toured Gold Coast Recycling Facility. Participants got to see arrival of delivery trucks, sorting lines, packing for processing, and a whole lot of recyclables! Take away note from the tour – when in doubt, recycle. To learn more about the facility and what you can/cannot recycle, check out their website.We are so grateful for the time staff took out of their busy day to show us the site and for all of the dirty work that employees do every day. Thank you, Gold Coast Recycling!


Just a glimpse at facility equipment (Photo credit: The Refill Shoppe)


Piles of rubbish waiting to be sorted – Can you count the plastic bags?

(Note: Plastic bags and film plastics are NOT recyclable)

(Photo credit: The Refill Shoppe)


Nan Drake from Gold Coast tells Surfrider participants about the sorting lines


Tractor pushes recyclables into a pile to be loaded on the sorting belts


Paper sorting belt


Plastic cosmetic bottle that has lost its way


Some of the tour participants and staff