Some good news!  Students across UC campuses championed a policy to phase out non-essential, single use plastic across the university system and succeeded!  That policy starts to phase in January 1st, 2021. Click Here for more info.

Single Use Foodware/Straws. In addition to the great work being done by our Ocean-Friendly Restaurants (OFR) volunteers, our Plastic-Free Ventura volunteers have also been contacting dining establishments by email offering our chapter’s “Upon Request Only” sign and requesting that they also consider posting the corresponding image on their websites. You can help by bringing your own reusable utensils and letting the wait staff know beforehand that you won’t be needing plasticware.

Please Refuse Plastic Bags. Opting not to use plastic bags for take-out food, bringing home leftovers, or when making purchases from stores that typically bag with plastic are great ways to further reduce our reliance on non-recyclable items.
Please Use Reusable Shopping Bags When Grocery Shopping.
The moratorium on the bag ban was lifted at the end of June and, hopefully, it will not be reinstated.  Grocery stores currently have different rules regarding reusable bags.  If you can’t bag your items in your reusable bag in the store, you can put everything back in your cart and bag your items at your car (which is also a great way to socially distance!).
Please dispose of your PPE Masks/Gloves/Wipes properly. PPE masks, gloves and wipes are entering our environment at an alarming rate! Locally, we are finding them at our beaches, in the streets, and in parking lots and parks.  PLEASE dispose of your PPE properly.

More information and suggestions for reducing plastic pollution:

  1. Support your local Ocean Friendly Restaurants and Green Business Restaurants.
  2. When possible, please let restaurants, food trucks, etc. know that there are environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic such as bamboo, plant fiber and clear PLA that are certified compostable.
  3. Please save your single use plastic bags and bubble wrap to take to the recycle boxes once they are back in front of stores. These items are recycled into Trex decking!
  4. Please review this flyer sent out by E.J. Harrison with valuable recycling information and tips for reducing plastic pollution in our communities.
  5. The City of Ventura’s Sustainable Ventura website is a great resource for eco-friendly tips, recipes for DIY home goods, and information on how to properly dispose of single-use plastics you may have at home.